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. Dead Island- RIPTIDE Engine- Windows.Efficacy of a low dose lipopolysaccharide challenge protocol in horses with chronic intermittent colic. To evaluate the efficacy of a low dose lipopolysaccharide (LPS) challenge protocol as a means of pre-screening the prognosis in horses with chronic intermittent colic. Experimental. Horses with chronic intermittent colic (n=11). The horses were treated with a low dose of LPS (0.25 mg/kg, IV, administered via wing of vein) and were monitored for 120 minutes for signs of systemic inflammation and for changes in hemodynamic variables. The horses were then treated with lactated Ringer's solution (LRS) or bethanechol chloride (0.1 mg/kg, IV) and observed for 180 minutes. All horses survived the LPS challenge, with no change in serum cortisol concentrations. Mean arterial pressure increased from baseline values of 86 mmHg (95% confidence interval [CI]: 87-89 mmHg) to 108 mmHg (95% CI: 106-110 mmHg; P=0.005) in response to LRS. The horses with LRS treatment had increased serum cortisol concentrations by 60 minutes after treatment (median value 108 ng/mL, range 65-1258 ng/mL) compared with baseline concentrations (median value 29 ng/mL, range 3-106 ng/mL; P=0.03). Twelve of the 14 horses were treated successfully with LRS. One horse had hemodynamic changes of tachycardia, increased minute ventilation and decreased dynamic respiratory system compliance. Six of the 7 treated horses survived. After a 180 minute observation period, all horses were observed to be in a state of normal hemodynamics and without clinical signs of colic. A low dose LPS challenge, performed intravenously, is a potentially useful, non-invasive pre-screening test for patients with chronic intermittent colic. In the present study the challenge did not induce systemic inflammation, as evidenced by no changes in serum cortisol concentrations. Further studies are required to confirm the reproducibility of this protocol and to identify the dose of LPS that would cause a systemic inflammatory response.Q: How to use TFS as a Git server for private repos I have a hosted TFS account, and I was wanting to use it as a Git server. I found the GitHub tfs backend, and ac619d1d87

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